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Terms and Conditions
  • Terms and conditions are deemed to be part of the application for credit facilities.

  • Granting of credit facilities shall be at the sole discretion of UHM Vacation.

  • Amounts must be paid within agreed terms of payment.

  • All queries or disputes must be addressed in writing to UHM Vacation within 48 working hours from date of receipt of invoices. Queries / objection received thereafter shall not be entertained.

  • Failure to pay / settle invoices within the prescribed credit limit may result in following:

    With-drawl of credit facility with immediate effect, which may be restored on recommendation of divisional head

    All future transaction on pre-payment/advance payment

    Interest @ 2 % per month on delay payment

  • Both the parties by giving 15 days prior notice in writing may cancel the agreement subject to settlement of accounts in full

  • In case of any dispute, official receipts issued by UHM Vacation to be produced to substantiate claim of payment.

  • Intermediator/Consolidator: Further it is hereby agreed that UHM Vacation is making available to Agent the services provided by the outside vendors and acts as an intermediator or consolidator. Thus the responsibility to provide service as per the booking/transaction/request by Agent is of the vendors. However UHM Vacation will render all possible help and will deal with the vendors on behalf of agent in case anything goes wrong and will pass on the benefits if any to the agent.
  • UHM Vacation reserves the right to withdraw, suspend or increase the credit facilities at any time without having to assign any reason whatsoever.